Brandon Ross

BRANDON ROSS is a guitarist/composer/singer/songwriter, who has performed and recorded with Cassandra Wilson, Henry Threadgill, Jewel, Tony Williams, Arto Lindsay, The Lounge Lizards, Leroy Jenkins, Butch Morris, Me’Shell N’degeocello, Moreno Veloso, Arrested Development, Archie Shepp, Muhal Richard Abrams, Don Byron, Lizz Wright, Oliver Lake, Bill Laswell, and many others, crafting a personal approach to guitar, and improvisation, that has taken him all over the world.

He co-leads the avant power trio, Harriet Tubman, with bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer JT Lewis. “Tubman” is dedicated to musical revelation/investigation in a pan-African vernacular. In Harriet Tubman, Ross uses electronics, and pan-tonality to sculpt a multidimensional, interactive, sonic language in a “classic” R&B/Rock configuration of guitar, bass, and drums. Harriet Tubman has released 2 cds, “I Am A Man” on Knitting Factory Records, and “Prototype” (live) on John Zorn’s Avant Records label. A new CD of the Harriet Tubman “Dub-ill 3rio” LIVE featuring Ron Miles/DJ Logic/DJ Singe will be released in 2009.

”... HARRIET TUBMAN, AN OUTSTANDING POWER TRIO featuring drummer J.T. Lewis, bassist Melvin Gibbs and THE REMARKABLY CREATIVE but unsung GUITAR HERO BRANDON ROSS, who combines the linear facility and originality of Joyous Lake-era Pat Martino with the sheer decibels and cathartic abandon of Sharrock and the liquid whammy-bar articulations of Allan Holdsworth. Ross unleashed fuzz-inflected, wah-fueled licks and testified with overdriven bluetones during this searing set, which concluded with a frantic jam that reached a Bad Brains level of intensity.” – Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

In his acoustic based quartet, Blazing Beauty, Ross plays banjo, electric, acoustic and soprano guitars; uses cornet, acoustic bass guitar, and drumset to extend his expressive field into “folk” oriented musics and compositional approaches that communicate his dedication to fresh musical experience. Ross has released 2 recordings of this work, “Costume”, in 2004, and “Puppet” in 2006, both on Intoxicate Records (Japan), to rave reviews, and several critic’s “best of the year” lists.

Ross also composes for his acoustic string duo, “For Living Lovers”, with acoustic bass guitarist, Stomu Takeishi. The duo plans their first release, in the Fall of 2010