Ten Tales

SSC3507 2003-08-12

Track List

Remanence - 4:15
Dragons Are - 3:18
Yellow Shadow - 4:23
Moon Moth - 3:25
Rain Season - 4:05
Eternal Youth - 4:35
Monologue For Two - 5:46
Return Match - 4:11
Sediments - 3:36
Koua - 3:08
Autumn In New-York - 6:30


Joe Lovano - tenor sax
Aldo Romano - drums

This is number 7 of the OWL series.
Snippets of a conversation, snapshots of an encounter : Joe Lovano and Aldo Romano, in the style of the most traditional, and yet the most exhilharating tale-spinners, give us ten short stories, the result of ninety minutes of complete improvisation.


Ten Tales (Sunnyside) features the spontaneous outpourings of drummer Aldo Romano and tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano. Recorded in a Paris studio in 1989, the album parses one 90-minute improvisation into 10 discrete and surprisingly self-contained tracks. Melody is never far from the forefront here, thanks to Lovano's deep lyricism and Romano's easygoing pulse;

Nate Chinen - Jazz times