Pierrot et Colombine

SSC1318 2012-09-25

Track List

Pierrot et Colombine - 2:09
Circus de Arrabal - 1:39
Arlequin - 3:04
Pantaloun the Illusionist - 1:45
Harlequin Meets Colombine - 2:56
Moonstruck Pierrot - 2:41
Pierrot and the Moon - 4:32
Pantomime - 1:14
Ménage à trois - 2:50
Pirrot sans Colombine - 2:15
Masquerade - 2:25
End of Affair - 3:04
Circus Caravane - 2:34
High Wire Waltz - 3:18
Luna - 1:51
Pas de deux - 1:40
Zingaros - 3:03
Pierrot\'s Farewell - 4:23


Allison Brewster Franzetti - piano
Leonardo Suarez Paz - violin
Andy Fusco - clarinet, alto saxophone
Carlos Franzetti - hohner melodica
Pietro Cardona - acoustic bass

Pierrot et Colombine is my musical homage to one of the most lovable and tragic characters of universal theatre. Pedrolino, a diminutive of Pedro, or the French version, Pierrot, dates back to the 16th - 17th Century Italian Commedia Dell'Arte. Pierrot's love for Colombine is not reciprocated; Colombine in turn is infatuated with and seduced by Harlequin. To make matters worse, Pataloon, Colombine's father and Pierrot's master, dismisses Pierrot's love for his daughter. This love triangle, or pantomime of a menage à trois, has inspired writers, painters, musicians and film makers for generations. Diverse musical works incorporating this story include Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire, Berg's Lulu and Leoncavallo's I Pagliacci. There are also aspects of this story in Stravinsky's Petrushka and Pucinella. In films the story is represented poignantly in Fellini's The Clowns and arguably in La Strada, in which the players Gelsomina, Zampano and The Fool intertwine in a metamorphosis of their ""physique du role"" by adapting aspects of each others' personalities. Pierrot and Colombine was recorded with some of my most esteemed and talented musicians in the United States and Argentina. The story is timeless, and I hope that my music will accompany the dramaties personae to a new musical journey.

Carlos Franzetti
May 13, 2012 Cranford, New Jersey


2013 LATIN GRAMMY for Best Classical Contemporary Composition �Zingaros�, Carlos Franzetti, composer