Film Noir

SSC1180 2008-09-09

Track List

Body Heat - 4:23
Girl Talk - 2:49
Last Tango in Paris - 3:44
The Voyage of the Damned - 3:39
I Want to Live - 5:59
Still Time - 5:34
A Place in the Sun - 3:34
Taxi Driver - 4:42
The Bad and the Beautiful - 2:36
Tango Fatal - 3:18
Alfie - 4:52


Carlos Franzetti - piano
City Of Prague Philarmonic - Orchestra
Andy Fusco - alto saxophone

"This project has haunted my mind for several years. The idea of Film Noir appeared and lingered for a long time as I mentally weighed the pros and cons of materializing it into a recording. As a composer and arranger, I’ve always appreciated the enormous contribution that music has bestowed on movies. The music score, being another important protagonist, underlines dramatic situations; sometimes as a commentary, sometimes as the main ingredient of a memorable audiovisual sensorial combination that will remain with us after the end titles have faded away.
On these eleven compositions the film composers have chosen their melodic statements to be played by a saxophone. Obviously,most of those scores were jazz-oriented and related to the Film Noir genre of the 40’s and 50’s where the sensuous sax melodies are accompanied by a large string orchestra. So the ingredients and the material were finally in place.With our producer, Lorenz Russo, we discussed the repertoire, we chose the City of Prague Philharmonic as the orchestra for these sessions, and off we went to Europe with a suitcase full of music manuscripts and very high hopes.
I was very fortunate to have at the studio the great and legendary Andy Fusco playing the alto sax solos. His beautiful tone and great jazz chops made this project a dream come true. —

Carlos Franzetti"