Duos III

SSC1315 2012-08-28

Track List

Tim Tim Por Tim Tim - 1:32
Doralice - 2:06
Chora Coracao - 2:42
Pedra da Lua - 2:55
Dona Lu - 3:56
Mágoas de Coboclo - 3:39
Eu Vim da Bahia - 2:42
As Rosas Não Falam - 4:02
Lamento Sertanejo & Maçã do Rosto - 3:45
Inutil Paisagem - 2:51
Dindi - 6:06
Beijo Partido - 5:03


Luciana Souza - vocals
Romero Lubambo - guitar
Toninho Horta - guitar

I have always favored the honesty and clarity of live recordings - in the case of the Duos records, a voice, a guitar, and a song. All of the guitar players that I have invited to collaborate on this record are masters in their own right. Each of them has carved out a different area of the spectrum of Brazilian guitar playing as the emotional center-point of their mastery.
The depth of each of their musicality has helped me to tell these stories, and to hopefully do justice to these undeniably great songs. I am enormously grateful to each of them for helping me get to the unconscious place where true beauty lives.