Alma y Luna

SSC1231 2009-10-06

Track List

La Clarosa Luz - 3:40
La Seca - 4:13
La Verdadera Llama - 5:06
Que Bonito - 3:40
Me Falta la Imaginacion - 3:40
Mi Musita Salteña - 3:39
Sin Piel - 3:44
Nacida en Agua de Guerra - 3:07
Alma y Luna - 4:09
Zambita Para mi Coyita - 3:36
Nada - 3:55
Sentirme Libre Contigo - 4:04
Caminos del Cielo - 4:54


Sofia Tosello - vocals
Julio Santillan - guitar
Jorge Roeder - double bass
Yayo Serka - bongos
Raul Lavadenz - accordion, palmas
Pablo Farhat - violin
Miguel Rivaynera - guitar
Pedro Giraudo - double bass
Franco Pinna - percussion, Bombo Legdero
Pavel Urkiza - guitar, choir
Axel Tosca - piano
Yunior Terry - double bass
Axel Tosca - wurlitzer
Mauricio Herrera - conga
Maurice Jarre - djembe
Dyan Abad - trombone
Byron Ramos - guitar - electric
Aquiles Baez - guitar
Anat Cohen - clarinet
Jair Salas - Cajon
Yosvani Terry - soprano saxophone
Osmany Paredes - piano
Yayo Serka - drums
Ignacio Freijo - Quena
Ramiro "Capri" Nieva - Zampona
Rob Curto - accordion
Hector del Curto - bandoneon
Rafi Malkiel - trombone
Albert Leusink - trumpet

"The best musicians bring something new to established traditions: new ideas, new interpretations, and new approaches. Alma y Luna, the debut album of Sofia Tosello, the supremely talented New York based vocalist originally fromCordoba, Argentina, is an innovative project that finds the vocalist accompanied by a transnational group of Latin musicians: Pavel Urkiza, Yosvany Terry, Julio Santillan, Yayo Serka, Pedro Giraudo, Osmany Paredes, Aquiles Baez, and Miguel Rivaynera. Alma y Luna, which was produced by Fernando Aponte, features Tosello’s talents both as a songwriter and as an interpreter of Latin American composers such as Pavel Urkiza, Alberto Rojo, Chato Diaz, Ana Robles, and Julio Santillan. With the guitar, contrabass and bombo leguero as her starting point, Tosello recreates a musical landscape that spans all of the Americas, from New York to Cuba to Buenos Aires. Rooted in the variety of Latin American cancion traditions, including tango, chacarera, zamba, bolero filin, and Peruvian vals, Alma y Luna also reflects an impressive range of sounds and textures that only the global village of New York can produce. Tosello prefers to see herself as a border-crosser, not bound by the logic of genre; her musical aesthetic is best described by words like hybridity and mestizaje.
Tosello’s soulful and sensitive approach combines the best of today’s global currents in jazz, Latin, and pop music while maintaining a profound respect for tradition – a feat seldom achieved by young artists."