SSC1215 2009-09-08

Track List

Muse - 3:20
Con Alma - 3:12
Vertigo - 5:15
Lamidbar - 6:37
Perpetua - 6:31
Isobel - 6:26
Joya - 4:27
Lu Yehi - 4:46
Twins - 6:06
And the Rain - 2:18
Rina Balle - 8:05


Yaron Herman - piano
Matt Brewer - acoustic bass
Gerard Cleaver - drums
Pierre Colombet - violin
Gabriel Le Magadure - violin
Mathieu Herzog - viola
Raphael Merlin - cello

Musical expression is an all-encompassing endeavor that exercises mind (composition, improvisation), body (physical elements of performance), and emotion. Pianist Yaron Herman leads his Trio through a complete workout on the new recording Muse.
The Israeli born, Paris based Herman has led this fantastic trio, featuring drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Matt Brewer, for a number of years. There is obvious chemistry among the musicians as their youthful exuberance and skill make for enthusiastic performances of Herman’s original compositions and inspired renditions of standard songs.

Muse captures Herman and company at peak performance, though they continue to grow while constantly touring the world. Jazz fans take note of the Yaron Herman Trio and their mental and physical efforts to make music that is inventive, thoughtful, and entertaining.


A bona fide chopmeister, Herman reveals a poetic soul ... - Bill Milkowski

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