Father's Day B'hash

SSC1202 2009-04-07

Track List

Duet For Violin And Squeaky Do - 03:17
A Pure And Simple Being - 12:10
Exhalation#1 (Love) - 12:22
Exhalation#3 (Fire Breath) - 09:07
Pollack Springs - 08:57
Father’S Day Celebration - 02:46
Drums For Shompa Lodro - 05:44
Exhalation#2 (Peace) - 10:31
Our Life - 06:56


Rakalam Bob Moses - drums, piano, kalimba
Nick Videen - alto saxophone
Stan Strickland - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, vocals
Luis Rosa - alto saxophone
Nicole Rampersaud - trumpet, flugelhorn
Justin Purtill - acoustic bass
Andrei Matorin - violin
Petr Cancura - tenor saxophone
Ommudra Thomas Arabia - tenor saxophone

Composers and improvisers have always used the idea of color to express emotion and dynamics in sound. Legendary drummer and educator Rakalam Bob Moses takes this concept further than most. It is easy to imagine colors blending and shifting while listening to Moses’s new recording Father’s Day B’Hash. Originally raised in New York, the Boston based Moses frequently uses student ensembles as a means to document his music. This group is a fine example of the kind of musical minds Moses has been helping to develop over the last couple of decades at the New England Conservatory of Music. This particular session also documents his son Rafael’s development as an audio production major at the Art Institute of New England. The recording was made as part of a school project. The audio clarity is a testament to both the father and the son working together harmoniously. The music is free and expressive. There are many ideas and forces at play making this a very intriguing set of music by some very talented up and coming improvisers. Father’s Day B’Hash is a celebration of partnership in sound and color.


Great review in the October 2009 issue of JazzTimes!

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