The Peace Of Wild Things

SSC1198 2008-10-21

Track List

Free Me - 07:30
Why Because - 02:36
Sometime - 05:05
Let It Go - 01:45
Love Is A Place - 05:55
Sheila's Dream - 02:32
Secrets Of Living - 05:16
The Peace Of Wild Things - 04:59
No Words, Only A Feeling - 05:26


Jay Clayton - vocals

There is no instrument as expressive as the human voice. Jay Clayton has made it her life’s work to innovate and push the limits of her instrument. The Peace Of Wild Things finds Clayton contemplating the words of some legendary poets, most notably e.e. cummings, in the most personal way, just her voice with electronic manipulation.


Christopher Loudon's enthusiastic review in JazzTimes Feb. 2009.

Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes - February 2009 read the full article