Circle Dancing

SSC1076 1997-01-01

Track List

Circle Dancing - 6:53
I Think Of You - 6:56
Wild West - 7:27
Sapho - 2:06
Ditto - 6:35
Beginner - 4:50
Ebony - 7:47
Rhythm Waltz - 4:22
Sometimes - 5:18
Inky Ink - 7:11
Goodbye 5:20


Jay Clayton - vocals
Jim Knapp - trumpet
Briggan Krauss - alto sax
Randy Halbertsadt - piano
Phil Sparks - bass
Aaron Alexander - drums


"Jay Clayton can swing, percolate, lay down a blues, create whispers of Native American spirits, tease, impersonate a trumpet or shekere, soar in ethereal realms, avant you, romance you, and generally spin your concept of jazz singing a full 360, all without breaking a sweat...No one sings, sighs, wails, soars, and paints a vocal landscape like Jay Clayton does." Debra Bresnan - Woodstock Times.

If you'd like to explore her vocal universe, at least 18 recordings feature her, including her CD with pianist Fred Hersch, on Sunnyside and her latest CD Circle Dancing (SSC 1076D) recorded with her "quintet west" in Seattle.