So Right

CAM5017 2008-01-29

Track List

Amelia - 5:29
All I Want - 4:32
Little Blues Birds - 5:12
So Right - 5:21
Gos Must Be A Boogie Man - 5:15
River - 6:17
Harlem In Havana - 4:39
Since Your Love Died - 3:03
Woodstock - 5:44
Miskin - 4:53
A Case Of You - 8:16
The Sweetest Medicine - 3:00
The One-Eyed Man - 4:05


Maria Pia De Vito - vocals, electronics
Danilo Rea - piano
Enzo Pietropaoli - double bass
Aldo Romano - drums

“This work is profoundly jazz”, the vocalistremarks, “it’s the photograph of a magical moment, made possible thanks to the creativity of the musicians that shared it: Danilo and Enzo with their supernatural interplay and Aldo Romano, our guest of honor, all possess great melodic feeling and, consequently, love for the Song. Our work, therefore, has been choral in all aspects, where each individual has come out transparently, in the plot of the structure, more than in solo performances.”
This edition includes two new astounding scat tracks, “Big Yellow Taxi” and “The One-Eyed Man” performed by Maria Pia De Vito, and an elegantly re-styled booklet filled with superb photos by illustrious Italian photagrapher Alessandro D'Urso.