Mariapia De Vito

Singer, composer, arranger, studied opera, contemporary singing, music theory and harmony. The wonderful voice of this incredible artist is a real must of the contemporary european jazz scene.
Her musical career started in the Seventies in ethno-oriented groups, specialized in music from Mediterranean and Balkan areas.

Maria Pia entered the jazz world in the Eighties, collaborating with great names of the contemporary jazz: Ralph Towner, John Taylor, Dave Liebman, Joe Zawinul and Michael Brecker are the classical tip of the iceberg, only. Her's the sole female name of the italian jazz entourage, which entered the famous Annual Down Beat Contest classification. Extremely seductive and involving, her voice is a real reference of the european music, 360° open in the contemporanean musical territories and very far from the deep commercial acts or the most harmful current fashions.

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