SSC3517 2007-07-17

Track List

Overlap - 5:21
Jaco - 5:29
Angelique & Ellen - 5:42
Comotion - 5:49
Longing - 6:14
Your Story - 5:44
What's The Word - 4:26
Two To Tango - 4:03
Three Little Initials - 5:58
Everything Happens To Me - 7:20


Bob Mintzer - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Gil Goldstein - piano, accordion

This is our first full fledged musical encounter. As a result, I have become aware of a side of Bob that I didn’t know so well; his introspective and intensly lyrical side. There’s no nicer way to have been able to work with him for the first time than in this one to one situation, because that’s where I feel that my strength is, in the lyrical and introspective domaine.
Above that, Bob and I are both arrangers. So I feel that we are both very in touch with the art of accompaniment. And that also worked to our advantage. When I listen to our recording, I hear that both of us are aware of that at all times: even when are soloing, we seem to have our ears tuned to the total picture and attempting to create a complete image. On this recording, I feel that we both arrived at the intuitive, spontaneous, and unconscious level that, speaking for myself, I hadn’t been to for quite a while on record. And it reminded me of the joy of improvising music that drew me to jazz in the first place and reminded me of how lucky I am to experience this with someone like Bob...
Gil Goldstein