They Call Us Wild

SSC3068 2007-06-26

Track List

Handa Wanda - 4:42
Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) - 6:58
Two Way Pak E Way - 7:52
Corey Died On The Battlefield - 5:02
(Somebody Got) Soul Soul Soul - 6:12
Oh! When The Saints - 8:49
Meet The Boys (On The Battlefront) - 2:26
Ho Na Nae - 5:04
(My Big Chief Has A) Golden Crown - 6:23
Shoo Fly (Don'T Bother Me) - 8:52
Iko Iko - 3:20
Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) (Single Edit) - 2:39
They Call Us Wild - 3:14
New Suit - 3:07
Ah Anka Ting Tang Boo Shanka Boo - 4:29
Fire Water - 3:47
Jumalaka Boom Boom - 5:15
We're Gonna Party - 3:08
Ho Na Nae - 4:38
Injuns, Here We Come - 5:23
New Kinda Groove - 4:02


Johnnie "Quarter Moon" Tobias - vocals, tambourine, whistle
James "Gator June" Johnson, Jr. - vocals, tambourine
James Scott - vocals, tambourine
James Smothers - vocals, percussion, conga
Joseph Pierre "Monk" Boudreaux - vocals, conga
Lawrence "Crip" Adams - vocals, tambourine
Leonard "Gate" Johnson - vocals, tambourine
Norwood "Gitchie" Johnson - drums
Theodore Emile "Bo" Dollis - vocals, tambourine
Washington "Bubba" Scott - vocals, tambourine
Alfred "Uganda" Roberts - conga
Earl Turbinton, Jr - alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Erving Charles - acoustic bass
Fird "Snooks" Eaglin - guitar
"Guitar June" - guitar
Julius Farmer - acoustic bass
Larry Panna - drums
Willie Tee - keyboards, percussion, vocals, synthesizer

The New Orleans Mardi Gras "Indian Tribe" the Wild Magnolias issued a critically acclaimed LP for Polydor in 1974. Bo Dollis, Monk Boudreaux, June Johnson, Jr., Crip Adams, Tobias Johnson, Bubba Scott, and James Smothers brought the rich, fervent flavor of New Orleans to vinyl, backed by Willie Tee's band. A second LP “They Call Us Wild” was released in Europe a year later but not in the US.
The present 2CD set includes the music of the 2 LPs plus tracks never released before. Also embedded in CD #2 is a high resolution Acrobat PDF file that contains a sixty-eight pages booklet describing the historical context in which the New Orleans “Indian” tribes developed, detailed annotations regarding the recordings, and dozens of photographs.
'Bo' Dollis is Chief of the Wild Magnolias tribe. 'Monk' Boudreaux is Chief of the Golden Eagles tribe.