The Life Of A Trio: Sunday

SSC3515 2007-03-13

Track List

Sensing - 4:12
Monique - 3:25
The Giant Guitar And The Black Stick - 5:58
Industrial Suite - 3:15
Sanctuary Much - 3:47
Tango Del Mar - 5:32
The Hidden Voice - 3:06
Mephisto - 4:04
Where Were We? - 4:50
Sweet Song - 3:25
Scrambled Legs - 2:02
Play Ball - 7:45
Fallen Statue - 1:25
Things - 3:35
Two Singers - 3:52
The Life Of A Trio - 6:25


Paul Bley - piano
Steve Swallow - guitar - electric
Jimmy Giuffre - soprano saxophone, clarinet

It is more that the three musicians demonstrate the kind of serenity that goes with mastery, and once more, a certain easy relationship with the time of the music which marks out the Masters - serenity and detachment : the notion of playing around with the rhythm of the piece, to hold it effortlessly and ride the beat without any sense of urgency or panic. They are both grave and relaxed at the same time because they have the knowledge, and they are marking time in every sense.
In fact everything happened as though they were merely talking amongst themselves, and conversational metaphors could be freely used to describe the discourse : exchange, question and answer, narrative, sharing views. There were no rules and no plan. Humour and laughter served as punctuation. The «easy way» of doing it you might say, where each event during the recording adds a new dimension to the music, or brings some unnoticed aspect of it to life. Here we have a story of love, of some of the stages between different types of solitude and multiple forms of union.


in 1961-62 with pianist Paul Bley and a 20-year-old Steve Swallow on upright bass, the Third Stream innovator created the best music of his career - telepathic performances that continue to
astound and inspire more than four decades later. This 1989 reunion of Giuffre's remarkable group. Older, wiser
and still stunningly in tune with each other, the threesome take up where they left off and the resulting double-disc of music is every bit as riveting as the original.

Matthew Miller, Time Out Chicago - June 2007
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Giuffre Low register clarinet is still gorgeous..

Kevin Whitehead, DOWNBEAT - August 2006
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