The Life Of A Trio: Saturday

SSC3514 2007-03-13

Track List

Clarinet Zone - 1:24
Black Ivory - 4:29
Owl Eyes - 5:31
Endless Melody - 3:08
Turns - 5:27
Foreplay - 3:06
We Agree - 2:06
Clusters - 7:03
December - 1:27
Someone - 2:13
Even Steven - 3:52
By The Way - 6:13


Paul Bley - piano
Steve Swallow - guitar - electric
Jimmy Giuffre - acoustic bass

That’s how it was done - no rehearsals, no false starts. It was a miraculous fusion of sensibilities, all the elements necessary to produce a flawless freedom were present: The notion of freedom in jazz which is only free as a result of painstaking discipline, and the notion of apparently «total mprovisation which is in fact the complete fusion of total recall and spontaneous composition. And yet all the elements were there : «the trio, a large studio in one of the streets of New-York; a recording engineer with radar-like hearing and fingers as accurate as any safecracker; a producer who hears and feels the music... An urge to cross over into new territories, to discover new dimensions, to reach the absolute... This was Jimmy Giuffre’s account of Free Fall.
What we have here are three truly authentic searchers who have never been prepared to settle for any sounds or effects dictated purely by the fashion of the moment.


in 1961-62 with pianist Paul Bley and a 20-year-old Steve Swallow on upright bass, the Third Stream innovator created the best music of his career - telepathic performances that continue to
astound and inspire more than four decades later. This 1989 reunion of Giuffre's remarkable group. Older, wiser
and still stunningly in tune with each other, the threesome take up where they left off and the resulting double-disc of music is every bit as riveting as the original.

Matthew Miller, Time Out Chicago - June 2007
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Giuffre Low register clarinet is still gorgeous..

Kevin Whitehead, DOWNBEAT - August 2006
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