Samba Nouvelle Vague

SSC3057 2007-01-30

Track List

Samba De Uma Nota So - 2:44
Fala Amor - 2:46
Maria Ninguem - 2:33
Rosinha - 2:16
Sempre - 3:05
Rapaz De Bem - 3:07
Nao Me Diga Adeus - 2:34
Ho-Ba La-La - 2:20
Recado - 2:47
Deixa O Breque Pra Min - 2:59
Desafinado - 2:46
Rancho Fundo - 2:06
Flor De Abacate - 2:23
E Luxo So - 2:13
Tico-Tico (No Fuba) - 2:04
Bahia - 2:57
Feitico Da Vila - 2:55
Fita Amarela - 2:25
Apanheite Cavaquinho - 2:01
Copacabana - 2:20
Homenagem A Vehla Guarda - 2:54


Sivuca - accordion, vocals, piano, guitar
Claude Civelli - flute
Bill Tamper - trombone
Marcel Hrasko - bass clarinet
Nestor Campos - guitar
Alphonse Masselier - double bass
Guy Pedersen - double bass
Ney de Castro - drums
Dimas Sedicas - percussion
Silvio Silveira - percussion

It was a "vida de viajante"(a traveler’s life), as Luiz Gonzaga's song says, that began professionally in Sivuca’s native state before he emigrated (a classic move for someone from the Nordeste) to the south to achieve fame in Rio at the beginning of the Fifties. There, in 1952, Sivuca recorded 78's that were stunning in their virtuosity and musicality. Then France became his home in exile for a while, a land cherished by Brazilians – he recorded two 10" LP's there which make up this record – before a lengthy, productive period in the USA where he became musical director for Harry Belafonte and Myriam Makeba – in fact he was the arranger of Pata Pata, a song that achieved international fame. As both a man from the Nordeste and an accordionist, Sivuca couldn't avoid the baião and the forros, those popular dances with a warmly trivial atmosphere. If he continued to play regularly in this hugely popular musicgenre, Sivuca had too much of a musician's soul not to be attracted by more sophisticated forms of music, all the more so since he was a witness to the blooming of Bossa Nova, and he had bathed in the magnificent song heritage of the years between 1930 and 1950. The breadth of the repertoire featured on this CD draws on those sources. An accordionist as well as a pianist, guitarist and arranger, Sivuca, who has an impressive swing, covers all registers of the accordion, doubles on vocals and has himself accompanied note for note by the flute or the saxophone; from there comes the particular sound that is an enchantment on this record.