CIM7020 2006-02-21

Track List

Pode Acreditar - 3:16
Futura - 3:17
Hoje, Amanhã e Depois - 3:33
Na Hora de I - 3:30
Memorando part - 2:52
A Ilha - 3:31
Respirando - 3:38
Voyager - 4:07
Expresso da Elétrica Avenida - 2:55
Nebulosa - 3:43
Sem Preço - 2:17
Vai Buscar - 3:54


Dengue - baixo
Pupillo - bateria
Lúcio Maia - guitarra
Gilmar Bola 8 - tambor
Gira - tambor
Jorge Du Peixe - tambor
Toca Ogam - percussão
Marquinhos - percussão

Futura is the latest album of the Brazilian funk punk rock band that has revolutionized the brazilian music scene with their Mange Beat sound. How would a Brazilian band be classified if they played a wild punkish funk sound that was also fuelled by obscure northeastern Brazilian carnival music forms that are the forebears of Samba? There is such a band. Meet Naçào Zumbi.
Pronounced NASS-OW ZOOM-BEE, they take old and new Brazilian music influences - with all its percussion-drenched syncopation - and the sounds of what Brazilians call the 'exterior'. Remember, for Brazilians, Dub, Punk and Hip-Hop are 'World Music'. While Bebel Gilberto updates the Bossa Nova idiom and Sao Paulo kicks a foreign music form - Drum'n'Bass - up the backside, Naçào Zumbi have married the percussion sounds of their music-rich native state, Pernambuco, to the gamut of left-field tastes and experiences of the six main band mem¬bers.
I f you booked them to play between Queens Of The Stone Age and Jane's Addiction at Lollapalooza, Naçào Zumbi's guitar virtuoso (and former Soulfly guitarist) Lucio Maia would give Dave Navarro a run for his money.
D ip your dancing feet into the Naçào Zumbi sound - the Mangue roots will wrap themselves around your internal rhythm. You may never escape.