Goes blue

SSC4703 2005-07-06

Track List

Goes Blue - 6:04
I Love You - 6:01
Laura - 5:53
Days Of Wine And Roses - 7:56
Invitation - 8:22
Midnight Creeper - 6:31
Come To Me - 7:35
Blues Walk - 6:41


Ximo Tebar - guitar
Dr. Lonnie Smith - organ hammond B3
Idris Muhammad - Drums
Lou Donaldson - alto sax

Recorded Live in Madrid , November 1998
The album opens with “Goes Blue” which also gives the CD its title. This is a fertile ground to meet on with two blues-savvy musicians such as Lonnie and Idris. The tune evolves with breathtaking swing from beginning to end.
“I Love You” is a piece Cole Porter wrote in 1943 for the musical "Mexican Hayride" and made popular by Bing Crosby in the following year.
“Laura”, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by David Raskin, is the main theme of the movie of the same name, directed by Otto Preminger in 1945. The introduction and melody statement played by Lou Donaldson on his alto pays him a deserved tribute, with a beautiful lyricism sustained by Donaldson’s round and sensual sound. Tebar keeps this mood with a laid-back solo that explores the harmonies of the piece.
“Days of Wine and Roses”, lyrics also by Mercer and music by Henry Mancini, belongs to the movie of the same name, directed by Blake Edwards in 1962. Bronislau Kaper composed “Invitation” in 1952 for another movie of the same name. Paul Francis Webster added lyrics in 1956. Lou Donaldson reappears with one of his legendary compositions, “Midnight Creeper”, originally recorded for Blue Note in March 1968 on an album of the same name, featuring Idris, Lonnie, Blue Mitchell and George Benson. It is a very sixties funk-blues that makes you move your feet while the trio maintains an irresistible groove. Take note of Muhammad’s accompaniment and solo, working the snare drum in the typical style of New Orleans marching bands. Don’t forget that he was born there and knows those rhythms inside out.
“Blues Walk” (not to be confused with “The Blues Walk” by Clifford Brown) is another of Lou Donaldson’s most famous tunes and surfaced for the first time in a Blue Note session of July 1958. It is a great ending for an inspired album that very well defines Ximo Tebar’s personality, who has relied on the col¬laboration of jazzmen of undoubted value and experience. It is a luxury I hope you will enjoy.
Federico Garcia Herraiz


So much joint talent could only create a CD like Goes Blue, a work with a great jazz feeling. Ximo Tebar's virtuosity offers eight great tunes, definitely proving himself as one of our country's best musicians."
Maribel Lozano, World Music Magazine, Mar. 02

Endearing CD by the versatile Ximo Tebar, featuring Dr. Lonnie Smith - one of the masters at the organ, and Idris Muhammad - glory at the drums. Jazz without relish."
"Federico Gonzalez, El Pais, Tentaciones, 03/22/02

"Sublime Spanish jazz"
"Cesar Cid, ya.com, March 02

"Be-bop and jazz of the future blended with the maturity of one of the most important jazz musicians of the past years."
"Epoca, # 890, March 02

"Goes Blue - a must have for all those who follow the masters of this field"
"Muy Interesante, # 251, April 02

"Jazz made in Spain with international projection"
"La Clave Magazine, 06/07/02

"Ximo Tebar, the greatest exponent of jazz music in our country, presents Goes Blue, a work that keeps fitting perfect pieces. With their rich orchestration, dramatic vigor and romantic taste of the old school these pieces seem extracted from a novel."
"Sonia Alonso, Interviu, 06/24/02

"Jazz with the proper blues words"
"Pablo Sanz, El Mundo, La Luna del siglo XXI, 03/22/02

"A work that will delight anyone who loves good music"
"Semana, 05/15/02

A native of Valencia, Spain,
Mr. Tebar shares with Mr. Benson a blend of power and subtlety.
Jim Fusilli, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - August 2005
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