Ink And Water

SSC1008 1985-06-01

Track List

Sunrise Watch - 3:15
Walk At Dawn - 4:52
Willow, Wind And Water - 4:14
Roots And vines - 1:56
Icicles In The Cave - 1:46
Reflections In A Pond - 3:07
Snow Blossoms - 1:31
Sand Storm - 2:29
Dew And Petals - 4:38
High Mountain Pines - 2:49
Children's Walking Song - 1:58
Footbridge Over The Rushing Stream - 2:16
Animals On A Four Screen Landscape - 6:46
Leaves In the Rock Garden - 2:47
Play Song - 1:30
Across The Cliffs - 2:25


Harlod Danko - piano
piano - 1914 Mason & Hamlin
Kanji Calligraphy - Junko Ito
Painting - Sam Bjorklund
recorded at Penthouse Studios , Nwe York city September 20, 1983

The Kanji characters shown here are the Symbol for water and ink, the substances which must be in perfect balance prior to the first brush stroke in Japanese Sumi painting.
Suibokuga is the name of th eink and water pictures resulting from the spontaneous release of that which the artist sees with his "inner eye".
The similarity of disciplines in this ancient art of improvisational painting to those in modern jazz was described beautifully by Bill Evans in the liner notes of Miles Davis'album, Kind Of Blue. This essay delineates for me the quintessential values to be sought after in musical self-expression.
The pieces I played on this recording were spontaneously composed on the evening of September 20, 1983. My objective in these performances was to respond to my " inner ear" as an improvising pianist.
Titles were chosen later, suggested by the mood of the music as compared to various subject matter in Japanese and Chinese ink paintings.
The front cover art is a watercolor by Sam Bjorklund, a contemporary American artist whose work reflects kindred ideals of discipline, spontaneity and brevity.
Harold Danko,
New York, November 1984