Alone But Not Forgotten

SSC1033 1989-01-01

Track List

Wayne Shorter - 5:59
Martina -4:48
When Everything Gets Quiet - 5:57
Alone But Not Forgotten - 6:04
Liz Ann - 4:47
Candlelight Shadows - 5:59
O Circo Mistico - 5:16
Laurie - 7:22


Harold Danko - piano
Joe LaBarbera - drums
Marc Johnson - bass
Michael Moore - accoustical bass
Bob Dorough - vocal

"All the participants are Woody Herman alumni and three worked with Bill Evans. While this is mainly a trio session, with Moore and Johnson trading places in various tunes, there are a couple of interesting twists. One is the singing of Bob Dorough on Laurie. The other is the addition of a string section used sparingly and tastefully on two cuts." (Ken Franckling Jazz Times)