Heaven Dance

SSC1034 1989-01-01

Track List

Peacemaker - 7:45
Unc'A Bubba - 6:30
Cecil To Cecil - 4:43
This Is All I Ask - 6:02
Heaven Dance - 6:43
Little Big John - 5:49
Fresh Air - 8:00
Ode To Wilbur Ware - 7:53


Kirk Lightsey - piano
Cecil McBee - bass
Famadou Don Moye - drums, percussions

"Levels of invention, interaction and sensitivity which recall the great Bill Evans groups...Pianist Kirk Lightsey is outstanding especially on his title-track composition, on which his touch has a consummate delicacy. Cecil McBee's compositions have an attractive intelligence. Don Moye is explosively versatile on drums and percussion throughout." (Phil Watson/ Wire-UK)