Everything Is Changed

SSC1020 1986-01-01

Track List

Everything Is Changed - 7:09
Billie'S Bounce - 6:40
Estate - 11:35
Evidence - 6:39
Nandi - 11:24
Alone Together - 7:25
Lament - 11:02
Blues On The Corner - 5:21


Kirk Lightsey - piano
Eddie Gladden - drum
Jerry Gonzalez - trompet, fluegel horn
Santi Debriano - bass
Bobby Routch - french horn

Pianist Lightsey's first quartet session for Sunnyside is really a feature for Jerry Gonzalez, the jazz trumpeter (a role in which the Latin jazz conguero is becoming increasingly known). Gonzalez's delicate trumpet sound (Harmon muted throughout) is the perfect foil for Lightsey's ballad artistry. (Russ Musto New Music Catalog)