Press Enter

SSC1056 1992-01-01

Track List

Blue In Green - 7:47
In Tune - 7:52
Press Enter - 9:16
Hey Reggie - 4:20
No Class - 4:00
A Little Vibe - 9:37
Falling Grace - 7:31
Chach - 5:18
The Real World - 8:47


Kenny Werner - piano
Ratzo Harris - bass
Tom Rainey - drums


"For ten years this trio has grown and shows no signs of stopping. How best can we help? Buy this record, go to his concerts, write a letter...or perhaps best, demand that the music you are given be of the highest quality, headed forward..."Do not accept substitutes" is a good slogan. For you see, if we all demand the real thing, who can stop us? Only us."
Bob Brookmeyer.