Jobim's World

SSC1727 2024-06-07

Track List

Triste - 4:52
Proezas De Solon - 3:29
Dans Mon Île - 5:09
Vagues à Lames - 4:11
The Girl from Ipanema - 2:59
Too Many Notes - 5:27
Tide - 3:37
Desafinado - 3:56
Double Rainbow - 4:07


Yvonnick Prene - chromatic harmonica
Geoff Keezer - piano

The jazz canon is full of outstanding material for musicians to use as vehicles for improvisation. The music of Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim and his peers has been especially ripe for interpretation since the 1960s. Chromatic harmonica specialist Yvonnick Prené looked to the Brazilian jazz school for inspiration for his new duo recording with piano virtuoso Geoffrey Keezer, entitled Jobim’s World.

Originally from France, Prené has made a name for himself in the New York City jazz scene by his straight-ahead jazz style that leans heavily toward the post-bop language. After his last quintet recording, Listen!, Prené decided to find a new avenue to showcase his heightened improvisational sensibilities. He enlisted the assistance of Paris based producer Daniel Yvinec and the two landed on the idea of recording a duo album in honor of the spirit of Jobim’s music. The scaled down approach would display Prené’s talents in the most transparent way.

Prené has known Geoffrey Keezer’s playing and personality for a long time, following the pianist’s appearances in New York City and studying his music. Without meeting Keezer, Prené invited him to record this album, to which Keezer accepted.

To prepare, Prené and Yvinec took their time discussing the possibilities and the material they should work on. Prené also brought in pianist Laurent Courthaliac, a bebop enthusiast, to help arrange a number of pieces, which they worked on over a three-day period in Paris in September 2023.

The trio ultimately arrived on five Jobim pieces, two pieces by Jobim peers, and two original compositions by Prené for the program. The well-known material from Jobim was really transformed in their arrangements, which respects his timeless melodies but really stretches the harmonic structure to allow for a more modern edge.

After an afternoon of rehearsal with Keezer, in which the pianist and Prené found a close musical rapport and respect, the recording was captured at Oktaven Audio on November 17, 2023.