SSC1115 2003-07-08

Track List

Samba Dobrado - 6:19
Choro # 7 - 4:57
Joy Spring - 4:34
Mr.Jr - 4:49
Era Bom - 5:01
O Que E, O Que E - 6:04
Fotografia - 7:11
Short Cut - 4:27
April Child - 5:32
Wave - 3:44


Cesar camargo Mariano - piano
Romero Lubambo - guitar

"We always had the feeling that there was an entire band playing with us. Cesar and I would always open a space for our duo in all the concerts in which we participated. We always got a fantastic response from the public as well as from the musicians around us. We enjoyed playing together so much that in 1998 we decided to play our first official concert as a duo at Birdland in New York. Many performances in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and Brazil followed this debut. The next step was to record this work as close as possible to the sound we produced "live". There's always a special emotion and a recurring "vibe" on the stage that sometimes is very difficult to achieve in a recording studio. (Romero Lubambo)


Mojo Music Magazine - England

An exquisite series of Brazilian jazz duets by pianist Cesar Camargo Mariano and guitarist Romero Lubambo. With a lilt and rhythmic attack only Latin guys have, the two musicians are in perfect, simpatico on a pair of Jobins, a few Mariano originals and an intriguing reworking of Clifford Brown's hard bob classic, Joy Spring.