Live at Dizzy's

SSC1630 2021-11-05

Track List

Lukinha - 5:58
Bachião - 7:05
Pro Romero - 7:03
By The Stream - 6:11
Frevo Camarada - 3:57
Samba de Proveta - 9:06
Route 66 - 5:41
Paquito in Bremen - 4:47
Prêt-à-Porter de Tafetá - 6:16
Pro Flavio - 2:56


Rafael Piccolotto - composer & arranger
Romero Lubambo - guitar
Vitor Goncalves - accordion
Helio Alves - piano
Itaiguara Brandao - bass
Mauricio Zottarelli - drums
Hadar Noiberg - flute
Alejandro Aviles - alto saxophone, flute
Livio Almeida - tenor saxophone , clarinet
Stuart Mack - trumpet and flugelhorn
Patti Kilroy - violin
Delaney Stockli - violin
Amanda Diaz - viola
Eric Allen - cello
Pamela Driggs - vocals

Romero is a musician of exquisite taste. He possesses the other-worldly command of subtleties and nuances that can only be coaxed from the hands of a master, yet in his playing of even the tenderest melody we feel the unrelenting toughness of a true believer. He believes in world class virtuosity put to the service of artistic meaning, he believes in confronting the troubles of life with lyric sweetness, and he believes in the transcendent power of collective expression. He is one of the most beloved musicians by fellow artists all over the world because he makes everyone playing with him sound much better. You feel clean after playing with him, it’s like taking a long beautiful bath in the river of soul. // Composer Rafael Piccolotto has expanded our canon with insightful, effective, and superbly crafted orchestrations. He and his Chamber Jazz Orchestra have delivered us something to enjoy over and over again. At each listening, you hear something new and inspiring. This recording is innovative, sophisticated, and filled with the rare optimism of two masters in full flight. Romero, Rafael and the ensemble have set the table for us, let’s enjoy the meal. —WYNTON MARSALIS