Close Connection

SSC4037 2022-12-02

Track List

Irrepressible - 5:21
Strong Minds - 4:34
Sweet Thoughts - 4:51
Cedar Tree Dance - 8:26
All That Remains - 5:18
Times of Discord - 6:05
Savanna Sunrise - 4:26
Walking In Silence - 6:10
Everybody Needs A Home - 5:26
Hopeful Vision - 5:52
Night Run - 6:43
Cold Earth - 6:30


Laszlo Gardony - piano melodica
john lockwood - acoustic bass
Yoron Israel - drums

After nearly two years of livestreaming, teaching classes remotely, and performing solo concerts from the comfort of his home, Hungarian-born pianist and longtime Berklee College of Music professor Laszlo Gardony decided enough was enough. It was time to go back into the studio with other musicians face-to-face and play together again. Just like in The Before Times.

And so, on January 14th and 15th of 2022, Gardony gathered in Boston’s WGBH studio with his longstanding deep-listening gestalt crew of bassist John Lockwood and drummer Yoron Israel to perform some new compositions and improvise with a clean slate. The result is precisely what the title of Gardony’s 14th album implies, as the three kindred spirits exhibited an uncanny Close Connection over the course of these twelve tracks. With Laszlo’s preferred rhythm tandem returning once again, following their simpatico work together on 2003’s Ever Before Ever Again, 2006’s Natural Instinct, 2008’s Dig Deep, 2011’s Signature Time and 2015’s Life in Real Time, chemistry was guaranteed for this session.