Simple Stories

SSC1118 2003-09-23

Track List

Prelude - 0:27
Girl With Portrails - 8:38
Cobblestone - 4:20
Bodhi - 6:37
Duo - 0:41
Garden Suite - 9:15
Sleeping Ground - 5:55
Solo - 1:35
Pure One - 8:21
Simple Storie - 12:39


Deidre Rodman - piano, melodica
Luciana Souza - vocals
Tony Malaby - saxophone
Russ Johnson - trumpet
Bob Bowen - bass
Mark Ferber - drums

Recorded at Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ on April 13 & 14, 2003


Jim McNie wrote about Deidre Rodman's 2001 release, in New York's Village Voice: "It is impossible not to fall for the pianist-composer's new Sun Is Us. It's full of wily juxtapositions-a theme might inch along while the rhythm section creates a storm of grooves underneath-and it's flecked with real melodies that feed on micro vamps. Basically something clever takes place evey second".
This second album qualifies for high praise also and has the added value of Luciana Souza singing in three tracks.