SSC1673 2022-07-29

Track List

Dan Dan - 6:13
Blue Thrush - 3:09
Top Shelf - 6:45
Nearness of You - 3:12
New York Landing - 5:52
Birds - 5:17
Beans And Rice - 4:59
Ask Me Now - 3:24
MLW - 5:02
Chant - 2:43


Allison Miller - drums, percussion
Carmen Staaf - piano

As relationships evolve, a special language can develop between partners. This language can foster new ways of approaching syntax and messages that have been often repeated. The duo of drummer Allison Miller and pianist Carmen Staaf found their voices together with repeated, enthusiastic involvement in a variety of musical settings. // The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic made it necessary for social distancing necessary in all aspects of life. Miller and Staaf’s response to this distancing was to heighten their intimacy through music. Their new recording, Nearness, shows just how much their bond has grown and their creativity has blossomed.