No One Is Anyone (with Orrin Evans)

SSC1638 2021-10-29

Track List

Reanimation (Zombie Tune) - 4:49
Josephine and Daphne - 5:56
No One Is Any One - 5:12
Pilot Light - 8:26
Glass House - 3:37
Peace of Deoxygenated Sleep - 6:04
Thomas - 8:37
Graceful Without Grace - 5:26
Chia-Sized Standing Desk - 4:11
Harvey Pekar - 3:54


Caleb Wheeler Curtis - alto saxophone
Noah Garabedian - bass
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums
Orrin Evans - piano

Music making is enhanced when the music is made with friends. The ability to involve peers who are experiencing life in a similar way makes communication and organization more natural. The Ember band is composed of three Brooklyn based jazz musicians and comrades. The group’s new recording, "No One Is Any One," shows that the bond and aesthetic that the members have built is solid yet expandable, with the addition of pianist Orrin Evans for a handful of tracks. // Ember came together in 2017 when saxophonist Caleb Curtis, bassist Noah Garabedian, and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza began to assemble at rehearsals that would become as much conversations on music and values as actual playing. The members realized quickly that their openness and stylistic breadth led them quickly to a place of comfort in performance, their deep relationships leading to their understanding of musical needs and inspiring hopes of further development.