Mike Drop

SSC1623 2021-07-16

Track List

Barshay Fly - 7:43
Sonny Monk - 4:21
Passion Dance - 6:30
You Know I Care - 6:38
Blackbird - 5:32
Norwegian Wood - 6:02
Miyako - 5:04
Monk's Dream - 5:42
Falling In Love - 6:11


Mike Clark - drums
Michael Zilber - tenor & soprano saxophone
Matt Clark - piano
Peter Barshay - bass

Sometimes there are musicians who seem to be fated to collaborate. They can come from different places and, even different generations, but their connection will be immediate and deep. This is the type of relationship that has developed between legendary drummer Mike Clark and stellar saxophonist Michael Zilber. Their friendship and musical cohesiveness can be felt immediately upon hearing their new recording, Mike Drop.