Ojoyo Plays Safrojazz

SSC4115 2021-05-28

Track List

Station Road Strut - 5:02
Forward Motion - 6:38
Harare - 6:35
Madagascar - 6:08
Dolphin Jive - 6:04
Little Song - 7:30
Cape Doctor - 7:11
Rockwela - 5:48
Sophiatown Society - 5:18


Morris Goldberg - saxophone
Anton Fig - drums
Bakithi Kumalo - bass
Chris Botti - trumpet
Cyro Baptista - percussion
Tony Cedras - keyboards
Diego Urcola - trumpet
Kofo (The Wonderman) - talking drums
Dan Carillo - guitar
Cecilia Tenconi - tenor saxophone
John Guth - guitar
Richard Cummings - keyboards
Chulo Gatewood - bass

The OJOYO sound (Safrojazz) is a fusion of Capetown born Morris Goldberg's South African music heritage, with the American music he learned to love from listening to records. Morris has performed with many American artists, notably Paul Simon, Harry Belafonte and Herbie Hancock; and South African artists including Hugh Masekela, and Jonathan Butler. Several other OJOYO musicians have recorded and toured with Paul Simon, Lori Anderson, and Edie Brickell, while Capetown native Anton Fig appeared nightly on the David Letterman show.