The OJOYO sound is Safrojazz, a combination of South African and American music. Cape Town born Morris Goldberg combined the sounds of his Township heritage, with the American music he learned to love. Band members :
Morris Goldberg: Saxophone, Pennywhistle

Anton Fig: Drums

Bakithi Kumalo: Bass

Richard Cummings: Keyboards

Tony Cedras: Keyboards

Chulo Gatewood:Bass

Beledo: Guitar

Cecilia Tenconi: Tenor Sax

Cyro Baptista: Percussion

Teodross Avery: Tenor Sax

Valerie Naranjo: Percussion

Omar Kabir: Trumpet

Chris Botti: Trumpet

Diego Urcola: Trumpet

Richard Bona: Guitar

John Guth: Guitar

Cafe: Percussion

Emedin Rivera: Percussion

Michael Wimberly: Percussion