SSC1607 2021-01-08

Track List

Three Treasures - 8:55
Sojourn - 8:13
Metamorphism (for Paul Motian) - 12:25
Mai - 10:51
Pileatus - 2:30
Blind Horizon (for Andrew Hill) - 9:21
June Jig - 6:33
Canto 24 - 9:30


Russ Lossing - piano
Loren Stillman - alto and soprano saxophone
John Hébert - bass
Michael Sarin - drums

Lossing's latest recording, Metamorphism, is an extension of his continually evolving compositional identity. Here he presents eight original compositions, each written with its own particular strategy for interplay among a stalwart ensemble of longtime collaborators. It is only with musicians with whom he has established a deeply felt musical connection that this music could actually be realized. // The members of the quartet have been regular collaborators with Lossing for decades. Each member of the ensemble is a unique instrumentalist with a broad palette and ability to play many styles without conforming to established sounds. Lossing met Michael Sarin some thirty years ago when the drummer moved to New York City from Seattle. Sarin's pairing with bassist John Hébert, already a longtime associate, provides a variety of rhythmic and harmonic feels necessary for Lossing's pieces. Lossing was a member of Loren Stillman’s first recorded ensemble, when the saxophonist was only 14 years old, and their musical affinity has grown exponentially over the past 25 years. The ensemble is crucial to the success of the pieces. The open, impressionistic sensation of Lossing's tunes has been one that he has always aimed for.