SSC3013 2003-06-03

Track List

Sacromonte - 5:36
El Nino - 7:03
Fenix - 7:55
Balkann Sevillan- Part 1 - 3:15
Balkann Sevillan- Part 2 - 2:48
Rumba Dos Mil - 1:55
En Una Palabra - 4:20
Bulerimbao - 6:29
Rumba Dos Mil - 2:33
Es Una Palabra - 6:25
Bulerimbao - 8:26


Louis Winsberg - acoustic and electric guitars , synth-guitar, oud, electric sitar , mandolin, bouzouki, rebab
Jean-Baptiste Marino - flamenca guitar
José Montealegre - flamenco voices, palmas
Isabelle Pelaez - flamenco dancing and voices, palmas
Miguel Sanchez - flamenca drums, palmas
Nantha Kumar - indian drums, tablas, voices
Norbert Lucarain - modern percussions ,marimba, vibraphone
Jean-Christophe Maillard - keyboard, guitar, saz, bouzouki

An amazing fusion of Flamenco, Jazz and Indian Music, structured around original compositions by Louis Winsberg.

Jaleo is a musical journey which carries the listener along the gypsie road, from its ancestral roots to modern day Andalusia. Its journey infused with the lights, rhythms and songs of the Mediterranean.

Like a crossrad between Andalusia, Camargue, Balkans, and India, Louis Winsberg swore rythm spirit, mixing flamenco singing, buddhist prayers and modern instruments. 8 original Louis Winsberg pieces due to each of 8 musicians influences .


While others have tried mixing flamenco music with different styles, and some have been artistically satisfying, Louis Winsberg on his CD Jaleo, has created the most absorbing and downright exhilarating flamenco fusion recording yet. The combination of creative, enthusiastic, and often head-spinning musical boundary-breaching, along with the impressive level of musicianship, makes the CD both fun to listen to and absolutely fascinating from a musical standpoint.

George D. Graham.
music director, WVIA-FM, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA.