Seemed Like a Good Idea - Petra Haden Sings Jesse Harris

SSC1440 2016-04-29

Track List

Autumn Song - 1:43
It Was Innocent - 2:50
Either Way - 2:44
Seemed Like a Good Idea - 2:36
Sometimes You Have to Choose Sides - 2:37
Fool's Paradise - 3:56
All the Leaves - 2:57
How Could I Have Known? - 3:00
Gone As Those Days - 2:46
Somewhere Down the Road - 2:36
Where Have All the Flowers Gone - 4:24
Tell Me What I'm Supposed to Do - 4:23


Petra Haden - vocals, violin
Jesse Harris - acoustic guitar, vocals, piano/keyboards
Will Graefe - electric guitar, acoustic steel string
Jeremy Gustin - drums, percussion
Gabe Noel - bass, cello, keyboards
Jon Brion - prepared piano, wurlitzer, electric guitar
Rob Moose - strings
Aaron Parks - wurlitzer

Infrequently, pairings come together that make perfect sense. The meeting of two incredible musical minds can produce sound that stands distinctly apart from the work of peers, a magical culmination of the best aspects of both collaborators. In this case, two unique artists met to make art together for the first time, one, a virtuoso musician, vocalist, composer and interpreter of song, and the other, one of this generation’s greatest songwriters and producers. On their new recording, Seemed Like A Good Idea – Petra Haden Sings Jesse Harris, Petra Haden and Jesse Harris have created a powerful recording of finely wrought compositions.