Things of That Particular Nature

SSC1390 2015-01-20

Track List

1. Purple, Blue, and Red
2. As Is
3. Rosey
4. Holding Hands
5. Beer & Water
6. Anywhere's Paradise
7. Dance with Aleta
8. Aborted Dreams
9. Slew Footed
10. "P"


Duane Eubanks - trumpet, flugelhorn
Abraham Burton - tenor saxophone
Marc Cary - piano, Fender Rhodes
Dezron Douglas - bass
Eric McPherson - drums
Steve Nelson - vibraphone

Sometimes all one needs to move along is a little prompting. With a bit of discipline, motivation and, maybe, a little help from the Universe, opportunities will arise and lead the willing to his goal.

Philadelphia born trumpeter, Duane Eubanks is thankful for the motivation the Universe has provided him with and dedicates his new recording - Things Of That Particular Nature - to his main influences and motivators: his father, his mentor, Mulgrew Miller, and his wife. These three individuals were the driving forces behind the creaion of his new recording, Eubanks's first in nearly a decade.