SSC1377 2014-02-18

Track List

Sky/Lift - 08:22
Silent Cinema - 07:09
99 - 11:57
Time Remembered - 06:07
St. Louis - 06:05
The Sea - 07:52
Late Romantic - 07:27
Nicky - 09:03


"Randy Ingram - piano
MIke Moreno - guitar
Matt Clohesy - bass
Jochen Rueckert - drums

An essential process in the creation of art is taking influences and refracting them prismatically into something new. Pianist Randy Ingram begins with the historical figures of jazz music and connects them with contemporary styles and practices. On his new recording Sky/Lift, Ingram has looked to his hero pianist Bill Evans’s collaboration with guitarist Jim Hall and their sublime textures, adapting them to his quartet featuring guitarist Mike Moreno. Along with bassist Matt Clohesy and drummer Jochen Rueckert, the ensemble plunges into a collection of Ingram’s fantastic original compositions.