No Tears, No Goodbyes

SSC3506 2003-08-12

Track List

When I Look In Your Eyes - 6:48
I Love Paris - 1:49
I Love Paris Too - 2:49
Poor Butterfly - 4:50
Bye Bye Blackbird - 3:12
I Got It Bad - 4:56
I Got It Good - 5:48
The Thrill Is Gone - 4:54
By Myself - 2:53


Joe Beck - piano electric, organ, piano
Helen Merrill - vocals
Gordon Beck - organ, guitar acoustic, piano

This is number 6 of the OWL series that Sunnyside is offering in the US.

In 1985, after a long silence, Helen Merrill recorded in Paris this duo with British pianist Gordon Beck.
In the best of albums between pianist and vocalist rarely does a pianist completely gell with a vocalist. In No Tears No Goodbyes there is a perfect marriage between the two of them.