Je sais nager

SSC3090 2012-05-08

Track List

Jihad & Cruzada - 4:13
Au Fond De Toi - 3:55
Je Sais Nager - 3:14
Communion - 3:57
Henri - 3:42
Les Corps Les Plus Simples - 3:52
Sumatra - 4:25
Ouvre Les Yeux - 4:18
Mon Essence A Moi - 4:39
L\'Ami - 2:09
Ne Serait-y pas? - 4:23
Communion Féminine - 3:44


Irene Jacobs - vocals
Francis Jacob - guitar, vocals
Mathieu Verlot - double bass
Jose Ballumbrosio - percussion
Etienne Stadwijk - keyboards
Jason Lindner - keyboards
Gregoire Maret - harmonica
Sylvain Leroux - flute
Mathew Ayanfowora - nigerian talking drum
Gilmar Gomes - percussion
Jerome Kircher - whistle
Melvin Dean - steel drums
Alicia Miles - vocals
Malika Zarra - vocals
Vincent Delerm - vocals
Agnes Jaoui - vocals

You may know Irène Jacob as the enchanting, award-winning Swiss actress who starred in two of the best films of the past 20 years: Three Colours: Red and The Double Life of Veronique, both directed by the legendary Krzysztof Kieslowski (we highly recommend both). But you probably didn't know Irène is also a songwriter and naturally gifted singer, a fact that comes to brilliant light with Je Sais Nager ("I Know How to Swim") (May 8, Sunnyside), a new album she created with her New York-based brother, jazz composer and guitarist Francis Jacob. The music is airy but thoughtful, full of playful turns and colorful world beat rhythms, melodies that flit and sparkle with inspired arrangements backed by instrumentalists from Morocco, Brazil and Peru -- and all delightfully transcendent of language.