Landscape Scripture

SSC1309 2012-03-13

Track List

Spring Haystacks - 7:27
Prairie Suite - 10:33
Goodbye - 4:56
Summer Haystacks - 3:32
Lake Shore Suite - 13:04
Autumn Haystacks - 5:28
Passing Spirit - 9:43
Winter Haystacks - 6:07


Scott DuBois - guitar
Gebhard Ullmann - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Thomas Morgan - acoustic bass
Kresten Osgood - drums

Guitarist Scott DuBois has made a concerted effort to create a focused ensemble with a sound custom fit for his emotive compositional voice. He has found the perfect foils in reed player Gebhard Ullmann, bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Kresten Osgood.
These masterful musicians are featured on his new Sunnyside CD Landscape Scripture , which also includes a suite inspired by the legendary painter Claude Monet’s series of haystack paintings. The impressive program is usually brazen, occasionally discreet but always openhearted.