Cognitive Dissonance

CAM5038 2010-07-27

Track List

Cognitive Dissonance - 4:28
Buying, Selling - 2:56
Dog Waking - 3:29
Duel - 6:37
A Plenty - 3:48
One Wheeler Will - 4:28
Sir - 3:43
Goodbye Ruth’s - 3:47
Hair Trigger - 3:42
Better Not To Know - 4:39
Sunflower - 3:54
Same Old Story - 3:32
Option 8 - 4:45
Wait - 3:51
Goodbye Ruth’s (slow) - 2:53


Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Andy Milne - piano
Drew Gress - acoustic bass
Nasheet Waits - drums
Jason Moran - piano

For Ralph Alessi this is a debut in grand style on the CAM Jazz catalog. The New York trumpet player takes a decisive step forward in his productions with “Cognitive Dissonance”. Alessi’s trumpet strikes from the first moment you hear it: a clear instrumental voice, unique, made even more extraordinary by a vocabulary full of subtleties. He moves with great ease both on the chords as well as on the open forms; his continual inventions justify, in every moment, the wilfulness and the right that this musician has to be absolutely himself, through a surprising and systematic refusal of the obvious, both in rhythmical-harmonious textures as well as in melodic designs. In the incomparable drumming of Nasheet Waits, Alessi finds a precious ally, capable of inventing and destabilizing the leader’s project with his virtuous rhythms and his unique colors, in perfect tuning with the solid and fanciful Drew Gress, without forgetting Jason Moran, a lyrically melodic pianist who, chorus after chorus, is able to extract from his instrument something very unique.