SSC1234 2009-08-18

Track List

You Go To My Head - 8:03
Bedira - 4:22
Deep Mountain Gone - 7:00
Tell Me Why - 10:16
White Scarf - 8:23
Ranu - 5:11
The Tourist - 5:37
Dreams Of Paper Roses - 5:07
Yotsuya - 6:30
I'll Be Seing You - 6:51


Aaron Choulai - piano
Sam Anning - Acoustic / Electric Bass
Ben Wanderwal - drums
Rory Mcdugall - drums

Musical development benefits from cultural interaction. In pianist Aaron Choulai’s ever continuing development he has explored the world and his own rich heritage to develop a sophisticated approach as composer and instrumentalist. Choulai’s new recording Ranu illustrates the depth of his talent and that of his Australia based trio that includes bassist Sam Anning and either drummer Ben Vanderwal or Rory Mcdugall.
Originally from Papua New Guinea, Choulai has called Australia, New York City and Japan home. Regardless of locale, Choulai has pushed himself to hone his craft. Only in his mid- twenties, he has performed and recorded with some of New York’s greatest musicians, scored music for film, and produced a recording and live performance of a fantastic piece for Tatana Village Choir with his accompaniment.
Ranu finds Choulai in a pared down setting where the listener can truly appreciate his talent and artistic ambition. The recording includes six original compositions along with four modern classics including pieces by Neil Young and Radiohead. This is a wonderful recording from an artist who finds himself at a reflective moment in his young, ambitiously globe-spanning career.