Swing Troubadour 1937-47

SSC3083 2008-07-29

Track List

Je chante - 2:45
Y’a de la joie - 2:30
Boum - 2:32
La vie qui va - 2:28
Quand j’étais p’tit - 3:05
Ménilmontant - 3:16
Le Soleil et la lune - 2:21
Verlaine - 3:23
La Cigale et la four - 2:20
Swing Troubadour - 3:20
C’est bon - 2:09
Quand un facteur s'envole - 2:24
Que reste-t-il - 3:11
La Mer - 3:20
Retour à Paris (Revoir Paris) - 3:00
Douce France - 3:11


Charles Trenet - vocals

"Charles Trenet was a French singer and songwriter, most famous for his recordings from the mid 1930s through the mid-1950s, though his career continued through the 1990s. His best known songs include ""Boum!"", ""La Mer"", ""Y'a d'la joie"", ""Que reste-t-il de nos amours?"", ""Menilmontant"" and ""Douce France"" all present in this compilation.
Some of his songs had unconventional subject matter, with whimsical imagery bordering on the surreal. Trenet 's use of Jazz musicians and Jazz arrangements makes him the precursor of the modern French song. ""La mer"" is perhaps his best known work, with over 400 recorded versions. The song was given unrelated English words and called ""Beyond the Sea"" which was a hit for Bobby Darin in the early 1960s and later George Benson in the mid-1980s. "