Tribal Musette

SSC3078 2008-06-24

Track List

La Valse Hindoue - 04:16
Sur Le Toit (followed by the refrain of Ramona) - 04:09
Dalinette - 02:02
Je Cherche Après Titine - 03:12
Ton Manteau Gris - 02:46
La Grande Truanderie - 04:43
Canal Saint-Martin - 01:37
Syldave ou Bordure? - 01:46
Ivresses - 03:31
Nous Sommes Seules - 04:40
Mon Idéal - 02:35
Ménage à Trois, Spooky Scat - 03:41
Mingus Viseur, Esquisse - 02:34
Syldave et Bordure! - 02:58
La Dernière Rumba de Django - 04:18
San Antonio's Bells - 03:49


Daniel Huck - vocals, alto saxophone
Robert Crumb - banjo, mandoline
Dominic Cravic - vocals, guitars
Daniel Colin - accordeon, bandoleon
Fabienne Dondard - accordeon
Fay Lovsky - scie musicale, ukulele
Jean Michel Davis - drums, xylophone, vibraphone
Raul Barboza - accordeon
Francois Ovide - national duolian, mandoline , guitar
Robert Santiago - flute
Marc Richard - trumpet, baryton saxophone, clarinet
Bertrand Auger - clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute
Jean Pierre Chaty - saxophone
Jean Philipe Viret - conterbass
Mohammed El Yazid Baazi - oud
Khireddine Medjoubi - darbouka
Olivier Blavet - harmonica
Ian McCamy - violon
Monique Hutter - vocal
Isabelle Vandel - vocal
Herve Legeay - guitar
Marc Edouard Nabe - guitar
Anthony Baldwin - piano
Michel Esbelin - cabrette
John Greaves - piano
Yves Torchinsky - bass

Legendary underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and guitarist Dominique Cravic founded Les Primitifs du Futur in 1986 craving real Parisian musette instead of poor imitations heard in variety shows. It sounds like theyʼve stepped right out of the 30ʼs.
Last time you heard so much accordion, chances are that it was a polka and you were drunkenly foraging through your grandparents' old 78sl. Or maybe you were in New Orleans for a weekend of debauchery and zydeco.
But what the Parisian band Les Primitifs du Futur actually plays is ""musette,"" a style developed in France at the turn of the century before exploding in Paris in the 1930s and '40s. Mixing popular folk dancing from Auvergne with swing, gypsy inflections, and polka, musette is by definition dance music. The members of Les Primitifs du Futur brilliantly blend musette and Django-style guitar into old-fashion originals. Their new album Tribal Musette continues the tradition established by Les Primitifs themselves with their previous releases made up of original compositions. Also to continue with the tradition the cover art is by Robert Crumb who also participates on guitar.