Remember Shakti - the way of beauty

SSC3076 2008-03-25

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This is a video

The Way Of Beauty is a three hour video documenting :
a One hour documentary film “Shakti Timeless”, which tells the story of the Indo-western music group SHAKTI. Formed in 1975, the group pioneered a groudbreaking and highly influential musical East-meets-West approach.
A 45 minute live coverage film called “Sound check” shot at a Remember Shakti concert in Paris in 2004.
A 55 minute live concert in Bombay in 2000 called “Saturday Night in Bombay”.
and Two live concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1976 and 2004.


A concert in support of the 2000 CD 'Saturday Night in Bombay' offers the first of three concerts.
John Ephland, DOWNBEAT - July 2008 read the full article

East-West fusions are so common now, that the idea of a British guitarist with a jazz-rock pedigree mixing it up with Indian classical musicians raises no eyebrows. But in 1975, when John McLaughlin debuted Shakti, the concept and the music itself where downright alien.
Jeff Tamarkin, JazzTimes - June 2008 read the full article