SSC1191 2008-05-20

Track List

Provinciano - 5:55
La Luz Del Norte - 7:55
One In Ten - 5:13
Vida - 4:16
A Mil - 6:58
Chacarera Boogaloo - 4:59
The Cost Of War - 4:42
El Chupacabras - 8:12
Lonnie’s Lament - 4:18
Instinto Matero - 3:24
Bochis - 4:03
Chacarera Del Carancho - 5:45
El Día que me Quieras - 4:28


Yulia Musyelyan - flute
Andrew Rathbun - saxophone
Mika Pohjola - piano
Fernando Huergo - acoustic bass
Franco Pinna - drums

Fernando Huergo is an Argentinean musician living in Boston. It took Argentinean musicians interested in Jazz, who traveled to perform and study this music in the US and Europe from the late ’70s, to begin the fusion of their native music with a Jazz vision. This new generation overlooked the division of Tango and Folclore by being influenced by both. Jazz Argentino is a style developing in many cities around the world and has grown quite fast with the help of the Internet. The most important developments are taking place in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, New York, Boston, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, and Zurich, among other cities. It is the ambition of Jazz Argentinean musicians to go beyond traditions, and to create music that, while being essentially Argentinean, transcends to the universal.


Most listeners closely tie tango to Argentina,once again overlooking a wealth of music history from a country rich with musical treasures. Huergo brings together an extensive jazz knowledge with a broad group of Argentinean genres on Provinciano, presenting a distinctly different Latin Jazz approach.
Huergo demonstrates the vast flexibility of Argentinean music as a jazz format, carefully pulling together authentic styles with outer influences.
Huergo definitely shows the world that Argentinean music contains more than tango on Provinciano, but his statement goes much deeper � he demonstrates that the largely unexplored world of Argentinean Jazz holds massive artistic and creative possibilities.

The Latin Jazz Corner - July 2008
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