Oracle's Destiny

SSC3519 2007-07-17

Track List

Oracle's Destiny - 09:55
Big Sur / Big On - 04:34
Amalgame - 07:21
It’s What I am Doing When I Miss You - 09:47
Mike Pee - 10:07


Michel Petrucciani - piano

He said of himself, laughing: «I’m a guy who goes fast». Or again, mocking himself with seriousness, «I’m a very quick guy, it’s not a choice, nor a desire, it’s my life that goes fast». On this album, Michel Petrucciani went fast, and got to the point fast, but with a slowness that’s delicious. Be it in ballads with a majestic rhythm, harmonic meditations without constraint, or on medium tempos (the tempos of the gods), the music is deployed with fullness, and no artifice to put us off the track. The only title to excite the music is Aldo Romano’s composition Amalgame (the others are by the pianist); the remainder are set free far from any nervousness, and are offered, quite naturally, as a gift to Bill Evans, to whom Oracle’s Destiny is predictably dedicated.