Unspoken Words

SSC1029 1990-01-01

Track List

January In Brazil - 6:09
A Major Slam Jam In A Sharp(E) - 3:42
Nu-Trane - 5:03
Yesterdays - 3:32
Free Fall - 6:35
Blues On The Corner - 5:03
Unspoken Words - 4:31
Lost In A Dream - 5:47
Fresh Start - 4:56


Avery Sharpe - bass, electric bass
Ronnie Burrage - drums
John Blake - violin
Clyde Criner - piano synthetizer
Joe Ford - alto sax, tenor sax
William Franco - percussions
McCoy Tyner -piano

"Sharpe is best known for his work with McCoy Tyner. But Sharpe is more than an accomplished sideman. He's also a skilled composer and arranger. Unspoken Words features an impressive lineup of strong, young players. They achieve a smooth, consistent ensemble sound --not surprisingly, since all of them except Criner worked together in McCoy Tyner's early-'80s sextet." (Jim Roberts Down Beat)